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The crucades were and attempt by the people to recapture the Holy Land from the Mohammedans


Aaron Burr was tried for treason in 1802


Writes of Assistance

gave british officials the right to enter and confiscate anything the owner could not prove was not stolen

The first navigatoin act

required that the ships carrying goods between England and America be English built or owned

Cheif Justice John Marshalls Supreme Court decision's

helped strengthen the nation government


a Renaissance invention that helped sailors to accuratly maneuver their ships

Jamestown colony in Virginia was settled to

provide raw materials for England

The French and Indian war settled the question

of which country controlled the North American continent

one shortcoming of the Aricles of Confederation

was that is did not provied for the collection of taxes

The Atlantic Triangle

Slave trade cycle initiated by ship owners

ine 1865, Congress established an act to help black people adjust to freedom and to help protect their civil rights

known as the Freedman's Bereau


Governments desire to conquer areas beyond its border for wealth and strangth

THe new deal was a set of policies that promised to cure injustices

within the business and financial communities

because of the concerns of the public about pollution, Richard Nixon established

the environmental protection agency

the first step in president Nixon's program of Vietnamization

was the withdrawal of 25000 servicemen

John F. Kennedy

New Frontier

Franklin Roosevelt

New Deal

Eli Whitney

Standardized Parts

Henry Ford

first to use assembly line production

Herbert Hoover

the stock market crash

Lyndon Johnson

the great sociaety

Robert e. Lee

confederate general

Abraham Lincoln

Emancipation proclimation

Ulysses S. Grant

union general

Johann Gutenberg

printing press

Thomas Jefferson

Declaration of independence

Richard Nixon

Environment Protection Agency

John Smith

jamestown settlement


forgive desertion


peanut farmer

cruise missile

preffered to B-1 bomber

menachem begin

treaty with egypt

Anwar Sadat

president of Egypt


head of CIA

$400 bill

savings and loan bail out

Budget debate

government shutdown 1995

first shuttle



control of pollution


divisive issue


free trade


Los Angeles and San Francisco


Invaded Kuwait

controversy between the virginian plan and the new jersey plan of congressional representation was settled by the...

Great Compormise

The scandal that rocked Richard Nixon's administration and eventually led to his resignation was the...

watergate scandal

the Supreme Court case that established the principle that the Court could declare acts of Congress unconstitutional was...

Marbury vrs Madison

the... of Southern ports was one of the most successful plans of the Union during the civil war

Union Block

A month after Abraham Lincoln's Presidency, the state of... seceded from the union``

South Carolina

Woodrow Wilson was responsible for establishing an organization that would settle disagreements between nations

this was called the League of Nations

The president that pardoned Richard Nixon was


The hostages were held by Iran during the presidency of


President...resigned because Congress was going to impeach him


President...based his foreign policy on Christian human rights


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