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Here is a list of the Latin Phrases List 3 enjoy!

de facto

as to the fact, (actually)

de iure

official, as to the law

pro forma

as a matter of form

pro bono publico

for the public good as in for free

pro rata

in proportion

cum grano salis

with a grain of salt, do not take it seriously

cum laude

with praise

magna cum laude

with great praise

summa cum laude

with the greatest praise



leges vanae sine moribus

laws without morals are in vain

vade mecum

always with me (go with me) something that you always have with you

post proelium, praemium

after the battle, the reward

post mortem


ab imo pectore

from the bottom of my heart


i acquit

ab initio

from the beginning

a priore

from before

ab ovo usque ad mala

from eggs to apples, from start to finish

A.U.C ab urbe condita

from the founding of the city and was coined by the Roman historian Livy April 21, 753 B.C. was the traditional date that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus

nolo contendere

I do not wish to argue

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