Consumer in the Market Place Exam 2 Essay Questions


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What is a surrogate indicator?
an attribute used to stand for or indicate another attribute
belief based behind the use of a surrogate indicator
the belief that two features go together
situations when a surrogate indicator is effective
- when consumers lack the expertise,
- motivation or interest in the decision is low,
- other quality-related information is lacking
Surrogate Indicator examples
- quality and price
- quality and country of origin (italy & leather)
Active Consumer Problem
one that consumer is aware of or will become aware of in the normal course of events
Marketing approaches to solve active consumer problems
problems require the marketer only to convince consumers that its brand is the superior solution
inactive consumer problem
one which the consumer is not aware of
Marketing approaches to solve inactive consumer problem
require the marketer to convince consumers that they have the problem and that their brand is the superior solution
active and inactive consumer problem first step
- problem recognition.
- occurs when a consumer's state of being declines or when a consumer recognizes an ideal state he or she wishes to achieve
inactive consumer problem example from textbook
government ad explaining why business owners should have a disaster plan
active consumer problem example from textbook
ad showing fabreze is the best option to solve odor problems