HUSH -Ch 6 Native Americans + Immigrants

passed by congress in 1830, this relocated the 5 civilized tribes to the west of the Mississippi, forcing 3/5 to march west
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from 1800s to 1890s what happened to the buffalo in the southern and northern plains?-1800 = 60mil buffalo -1894 = 24 buffalo -whites purposefully killed off the buffalo to force tribes into reservationshow did the whites kill off the buffalo in the southern + norther plains-reduced grazing lands and cut migration roots -hunted them for sport + profitCheyenne tribe had been raiding ranches in CO territory -army offered amnesty if returned to reservations -Cheyenne chief wanted peace, they returned -Army Col John Chivington + troops opened fire on reservation killing 150+ peopleSand Creek Massacrewas Col Chivington punished after Sand Creek Massacrenothis tribe attacked a supply wagon outside of Fort Kearney + killed the soldiers who tried to drive him away, resulting in Treaty of Fort Laramie + the closing of the Bozeman TrailSiouxLakota Sioux aided settlers who moved onto their land -US Gov ordered them to go back to reservation -refused Lakota Sioux leader had vision of victory -tribe quickly encircled + slaughtered US Col George Custer + troopsBattle of Little Bighornwas the leader of the Lakota Sioux who had a vision of great victory in Battle of little bighornSitting BullCol James Forsyth ordered Sioux to give up rifles -struggle -gun went off -everyone began shooting -300 Sioux dead Forsyth removed from commandwounded knee massacre"racist" The belief that only the fittest survive in human political and economic struggle. race v racesocial darwinismidea/process to civilize native americans by kidnapping children, changing their names + beliefs to kill the cultureamericanizationImmigrants who came to the United States after the 1880s; from southern and eastern immigrantsImmigrants who came to the U.S. before 1800s from Northern and Western Europe.old immigrantswhere were the new immigrants from specificallyitaly, russia, austria/Hungary, ireland , chinawhere were the old immigrants from specificallyGB, scandinavia, northern germanywhat religion were old immigrantsprotestant , WASPSwhat religion were new immigrantsCatholic and JewishLeader of Nez Perce. Fled with his tribe to Canada, US troops came and fought and forced them back down to reservationsChief Josephleader of Apache who fled reservation and fought, eventually surrendered and was taken as a prisoner of war.Geronimofounded the Henry Street Settlement, a settlement house in NYCLilian Waldplace where volunteers provided services to people in need -taught immigrants skill and courses -believed in social gospelsettlement houseidea that religious faith should be expressed in good workssocial gospelfounded the Hull House, a settlement house in Chicagojane adamsfear of foreigners / immigrantsxenophobiaamerican's who believed immigrants posed a treat to economy. Pressed for laws that would end immigrationnativistswhat are the 3 xenophobic fearseconomic socio-cultural idealogical / politicalxenophobic fear -lose jobs , make less $economicxenophobic fear -racists, social darwinismsocio-culturalxenophobic fear -communism, socialism, anarchismideological / politicalthis banned the Chinese immigration for 10 years in 1882 by congressChinese exclusion actpassed by congress in 1917 over president woodrow wilsons veto -must pass the test to enter U.S.literacy testIrish-born leader of the anti-Chinese movement in CaliforniaDenis Kearneythis group worked to stop Chinese immigrationWorkingman's Party of Californiaan economic crash that resulted from the overreaching of promoters to build more railroads, factories, and farms than the market could handle. The banks made imprudent loans to finance this but they went unpaid. -this caused blame onto new immigrantsDepression of 1873informal group of professional politicians who controlled local government by giving immigrants food and jobs in repayment for them voting for them.Political Machinesthis man used his position to rake in riches for himself and friends. (i.e.: city paid $13 mil. to build new court house, but he kept most of the money) Political cartoon about him proved this and put him in jailBoss Tweedset quota for amount of immigrants from each country that could be allowed in to the U.S. at 2%National Origins Act of 1924revival in 1920s this group targeted Jews, Catholics, and radicals. "Native white, protestant supremacy"Ku Klux Klantwo Italian men who were put on trial for murder and bank robbery. They were anarchist + there was no real evidence tying them to the crime (executed in electric chair)Sacco and Vanzettiopposes government in any form.anarchismagreement that Japan would stop giving passports to laborers seeking to enter US + U.S. would desegregate the desegregation of schoolsGentleman's AgreementA system in which society, usually in the form of the government, owns and controls the means of production.SocialismA theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.CommunismFought on the behalf of the Cherokee Indian in the American Court System. He argued they were a foreign country.Samuel Austin WorcesterWhat is W.A.S.P. ?White Anglo Saxon Protestantcombined religious , racial, and nationalist elementsmanifest destiny