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  1. Elizabeth 1
  2. Henry VII
  3. Good Henry IV
  4. Good Charles V
  5. What are the major obstacles of Elizabeth I
  1. a -Make's france strong, united, and peaceful by converting from Protestantism to Catholicism
    -Edict of Nantes: ended religious conflict and civil wars
    -Duke of Sully-Treasurer
  2. b Demonstrated his power as an Absolute Monarch by changing England's religious ways in order to divorce his wife so he could have sons to follow him to throne
    -The Pope declares him "Defender of the Faith"
    -He wrote "In defense of the 7 sacraments"
  3. c temporarily settled religious wars
    1555-peace treaty of Augsburg
    1529-drove turks away from Vienna
  4. d 1. Opposition from the Catholic Monarchs
    2. Mary (Queen of Scots, cousin) is also a legit CATHOLIC heir
    3. Phillip II, Catholic, of Spain, send Armada to attack England
  5. e 45 year reign- She never got married=no kids=longer reign
    Highly educated (9 languages)

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  1. Elizabeth I
  2. She executes Mary Queen of Scots to get rid of competition
    She defeats the Spanish Armada which proves he power to Europe, leads to making England a major world power
  3. Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.
  4. Financial problems: he became involved in wars to defend Catholicism but it drained Spain's treasury
    Treated dutch harsh, taxed trade heavily, persecuted calvinists=Dutch Revolt
    -Spanish Industry declines
  5. -Gave Spanish Netherlands greater self rule (less dutch revolts)

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  1. When Henry was with Wife number 2, Anne Boleyn, how did he demonstrate his power?Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.


  2. Good Frederick William IStrengthened PRussia with saved money and doubled size of army with efficiency
    -efficient government bureaucracy


  3. How does Henry (once again) demonstrate Absolute power even after saying everyone in england has to swear to the Act of Supremacy?Wife 4, named Anne (of Cleves) was arranged by Thomas Cromwell. Henry demonstrates absolute power by annulling the marriage, adopting her as a sister, and executing Cromwell, all because of her lack of beauty.


  4. Jane GreyQueen for 9 days


  5. Describe Henry's third wife and his life with her.Because Mary I died childless, Elizabeth I followed her to throne.