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  1. Bad Maria Theresa ????
  2. Who was wife number 5 and what was her fate?
  3. How does Henry marrying his dead brother's wife, Catherine of Aragon (wife number 1), show Absolute power?
  4. Bad Charles V
  5. Good Catherine " "
  1. a Gained black sea, poland, expanded into central europe
  2. b Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.
  3. c -continuous wars drained spain's financial and human resources
    -scattered empire
  4. d He had to get special permission from the Pope in order to marry Catherine of Aragon.
  5. e She inherited territories such as the germans, Hungarians, Italians,etc... so there were conflicts of language and religion
    -She did nothing to solve those conflicts


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  1. Encouraged religious tolerance and legal reform
    Acquired Silesia making Prussia a world power
  2. Wife number 6, named Katherine Parr, was the most important of Henry's wives. She was married 2 times before and she was educated and wise. The reason why she is most important of Henry's wives is because just before Henry's death, she persuades him to make Mary and Elizabeth legit heirs.
  3. -Even though the Palace of Versailles symbolized his power as an Absolute Monarch, it strained the French Economy
    -Took away the Edict of Nantes--> weakened France
  4. -Gave Spanish Netherlands greater self rule (less dutch revolts)
  5. Elizabeth I

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  1. Good Henry IV-Had trouble solving financial problems
    (corrupt taxing system)


  2. Mary IDemonstrated his power as an Absolute Monarch by changing England's religious ways in order to divorce his wife so he could have sons to follow him to throne
    -The Pope declares him "Defender of the Faith"
    -He wrote "In defense of the 7 sacraments"


  3. bad Catherine " "Westernized only half of russia, creating a gap... one half is different than the other


  4. In what ways does marrying Catherine of Aragon (wife1) benefit Henry and/or England?Katherine Howard (cousin of Anne Boleyn) was beheaded for unfaithfulness in 1542.


  5. How does Henry demonstrate Absolute power with Wife 4?Henry breaks from the Catholic Church, declaring himself the head of the church in England. He makes everyone swear Act of Supremacy (accepting Henry's leading role as head of Church).