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  1. In what ways does marrying Catherine of Aragon (wife1) benefit Henry and/or England?
  2. Bad Henry IV
  3. How did Elizabeth I overcome the obstacles?
  4. Mary I
  5. Bad Maria Theresa ????
  1. a She executes Mary Queen of Scots to get rid of competition
    She defeats the Spanish Armada which proves he power to Europe, leads to making England a major world power
  2. b Her parents are Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain which gives Henry connections.
  3. c -Had trouble solving financial problems
    (corrupt taxing system)
  4. d She inherited territories such as the germans, Hungarians, Italians,etc... so there were conflicts of language and religion
    -She did nothing to solve those conflicts

  5. e She is Catholic, so she burns 300 protestant leaders at the stake, getting the nickname "Bloody Mary". Mary married Phillip II, and dies childless, and then Phillip II goes back to Spain.

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  1. -Make's france strong, united, and peaceful by converting from Protestantism to Catholicism
    -Edict of Nantes: ended religious conflict and civil wars
    -Duke of Sully-Treasurer
  2. Gained black sea, poland, expanded into central europe
  3. Henry wants the Pope to allow him to divorce from Catherine (who is unable to birth a son, only a girl [henry needs an heir]). At this time, the pope is in no position to grant him this wish for he is being held hostage by Catherine's nephew, Charles V (HRE). Henry 'separates' from Catherine since the pope can't reply (and won't allow it).
  4. -continuous wars drained spain's financial and human resources
    -scattered empire
  5. 10 years old at reign, dies at 16!!!!
    (His uncle helped him-- regent)

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  1. Jane GreyQueen for 9 days


  2. Bad Frederick the Great-The 7 yEars war didn't change the territorial situation


  3. Good Louis XIV-Chose Jean-Babtise Colbert as expert in finance which resulted in economic improvements, a large army, and exploration


  4. Bad Phillip IIFinancial problems: he became involved in wars to defend Catholicism but it drained Spain's treasury
    Treated dutch harsh, taxed trade heavily, persecuted calvinists=Dutch Revolt
    -Spanish Industry declines


  5. What is the legacy of Elizabeth I?"Elizabethan Age"- peace, prosperity
    Englands greatest ruler- settled religious disputes
    Allowed private religious tolerance
    Exploration: Granted Sir Walter Raleigh the right to establish colony in North America