Human Body Systems

Skeletal System
the body system that provides support to all other body systems
Muscular System
the body system that allows the body parts to move
Digestive System
the body system that breaks down food to give the whole body the nutrients it needs
Excretory System
the body system that removes waste and poisons from the body
Respiratory System
the body system that controls breathing by inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide
Circulatory System
the body system that moves blood throughout the body
Nervous System
the body system that gathers information from the senses and controls thinking and behavior
a blood vessel that moves oxygen-rich blood away from the heart toward the body's cells
a pair of excretory organs that filter waste products from blood
large intestine
the thick, lower end of the digestive system in which water is removed from food before it is released as waste
a large organ that filters blood and helps with digestion
a thin fiber that carries signals between the brain and other body parts
the control center of the nervous system
smooth muscle
muscle that moves substances without a person's control and is found in many internal organs
a column of bones that provides the main support of the body; the backbone
the organ where food is mixed with chemicals and partially digested
a liquid in the mouth that mixes with food to help begin digestion
cardiac muscle
the type of muscle found in the heart, it works without a persons control
the tiny parts that all plants and animals are made of
a group of parts that work together for the same purpose or to do the same job
small intestine
the thin, coiled part of the digestive system in which nutrients are removed from food and put into the bloodstream
a blood vessel that carries blood from the body's cells toward the heart
two spongy organs that bring oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the blood
body tissue that lets the body move by contracting and relaxing

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