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  1. Radial
  2. texture
  3. contrast
  4. Primary colors
  5. Shape & form
  1. a red blue yellow (pigments)
  2. b difference in value, colors, textures, & other elements
  3. c 2D of enclosed, geometric or organic
  4. d in a circular motion/round
  5. e surface quality, there or implied

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  1. guide lines that artists and designers observe when they put the elements to work.
  2. arrangements of parts to create slow to fast flow through work
  3. the objects in a work of art, not background or space
  4. 1/2 is mirror image of the other half
  5. related light & dark/shade

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  1. Spaceindicates area in a drawing & or feeling of depth in 2D work


  2. sensitive lines/ line weightpressure on pencil


  3. shades3D medium to create darkened areas makes feeling of space & depth +black


  4. negative spacethe objects in a work of art, not background or space


  5. asymmetrical balancetwo sides different but somehow is balanced