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  1. Elements of design
  2. contrast
  3. asymmetrical balance
  4. chroma
  5. secondary colors
  1. a visual features of a work of art
  2. b difference in value, colors, textures, & other elements
  3. c orange green purple
  4. d two sides different but somehow is balanced
  5. e related to the brightness & dullness of a color

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  1. types of movement, repeated shapes of color
  2. the objects in a work of art, not background or space
  3. indicates area in a drawing & or feeling of depth in 2D work
  4. 1 be creative, use angles & views
    2 start with most interesting towards center, start there
    3 include several sizes, remember neg. space is a shape too
    4 try to have verticals, horizontals, and diagonals,
    5 make sure images touch your edges
    6 avoid drawing with eyes down
    7 concentrate & follow lines
    8 look at the line relationships
    9 check the neg. space around and inside what you are drawing
  5. surface quality, there or implied

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  1. radial balancecircle & radiates outward


  2. sensitive lines/ line weightthe objects in a work of art, not background or space


  3. emphasis3D medium to create darkened areas makes feeling of space & depth +black


  4. valuerelated light & dark/shade


  5. Formis the 3D design with enclosed volume, contrast with shape which is 2D