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Aircraft Characteristics and Recognition

What are the three categories of aircraft?
I, II, and III
A small business jet aircraft will fall into which aircraft category?
Category III
Helicopters do NOT fall into a category because they are not fixed0wing aircraft?
False. Helicopters are Category I.
What are the weight classes of aircraft?
Small, Large, and Heavy
Most Cat I aircraft will generally operate withing the 300 to 500 knots speed range.
False. Most Cat I will operate between 100-160.
What are the three basic types of engines found on aircraft today?
Reciprocating, turboprop, and turbojet
Generally, what are the three basic types of landing gear?
Tricycle gear, conventional gear, and tandem gear.
High-wing, Mid-wing, and low-wing are the three basic wing placements found on aircraft?
An aircraft with a certified takeoff weight of ____ lbs or less will fall into the small category.
Name four aircraft identification features.
Windows, tail configuration, landing gear configuration, fuselage
Atraight wing, swept wing, and _______ are the three basic types of wing configuration.
Delta wing
Name three of the six basic aircraft tail configurations.
V-tail, slant forward, T-tail