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the unlawful use of force or violence against individuals or property to coerce or intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious, or idealoigal goals
characteristic of terrorism: planned in advance rather than an impulsive act of rage
characteristic of terrorism: not criminal like violence that such as the mafia use to get money, but designed to change the existing political order
aimed at civilians
characteristic of terrorism: not aimed at military targets or combat-ready troops
sub-national groups
characteristic of terrorism: not carried out by the army of a country
the intentional, rational, and targeted use of violence
terrorism is intended to cause what in people
t/f attacks geared at specific victim
goal is to change ___ in government or society
goal is to bring ____ to the cause
the goals are _____
y/n Rules of international law governing military combat and tactics are not observed
Reign of Terror
where the word "terrorism" was first coined
practiced government sponsored terrorism to maintain the balance of power
practiced individual terrorism to change the government by targeting specific people
Russian Revolution
expanded government sponsored terrorism, used terror on a mass scale to control population
Irish Rebellion
used selective terrorism by using terror on government representatives
End of World War II
use of terrorism to prevent colonialism against government and "collaborator" civilians
Middle East Conflict/Cold War
internationalization terrorism practiced to unify different terrorist groups and was the advent of state sponsored terrorism
The Middle East
practiced religious motivated terrorism like the suicide bomber and martyrdom, terrorism to protect Islam and fight the christian West
Mass Destruction
type of terrorism that uses weapons that cause structural damage to buildings or other structures, attempts to cause damage to infastructures or society
Mass Casualty
uses weapons that cause massive death, goal is to cause death rather than destruction of buildings
Mass Disruption
weapons that cause social, political, or economic damage to society, goal to psychologically impact broader society to change behavior
Objective Driven
an act commited in order to get certain demands met by a government
Hostage taking
an example of objective driven terrorism
Terror Driven
an act committed as retalliation for a percieved wrong or as a warning of future incidents if the intended audience does not comply with the demands of the perpetrator
WTC and Pentagon attacks
an example of terror driven attack
who can be a victim to terrorism
y/n targets are random
what do attack need in order to get the word out
t/f everything cant be protected at alll times
IRA, Kurdistan WP, Basques, PLO
Al-Qaeda and Hammas
Hezbollah and Abu Nidal
State Sponsored
Nov. 17, Tupac Amaru, ELF
Left WIng
KKK and Neo Nazi hate groups
Right WIng
groups existed in the late 1800s and early 1900s with not organized groups left
AOC, Shining Path, Taliban
Iran, Syria, Cuba, N. Korea, Sudan
the states that sponsor terrorism
Goal of terrorism
to instill fear in a group or change its behavior
the act is the objective, no intent to change behavior, or instill fear in a group beyond the project
is this terrorism? A nation assassinates another nation's leader in order to replace him with another.
is this terrorism? An abortion doctor is killed as a warning to other doctors who commit abortions
Afghanistan, Colombia, Chechnya, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon
examples of havens for terrorists
poor government, rough terrain, tribal rivalries, ethnic/ religious divisions, poverty, corruption
why does terrorism orignate in the places it does?