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Name each force.
(a) A meteor travelling through space moves faster and faster as it
approaches Earth.
(b) A bungee cord pulls a jumper back up toward the platform
from which he jumped.
(c) Your hands become warmer as you vigorously rub them together.
(d) When combing your hair, you notice that hairs move outward
from your head toward the comb.

a) tension force
b) elastic force
c) friction force
d) tension force

What units are used to measure a force?


How is weight different from mass?

weight is the amount of force on an object due to gravity.

What is the best device for measuring mass?

balance scale

Why does a balance scale work anywhere in the universe?

gravity pulls down equally on objects of equal mass so it does not matter where you use it.

Why is your weight different on different planets?

because different planets have different gravities.

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