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Controlling Body Processes - The Endocrine System


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How does the endocrine system work?
The endocrine system regulates short-term and long-term activities by sending chemical throughout the body. Long-term changes include growth and development.
The endocrine system is made up of
An organ that produces or releases a chemical.
Saliva glands and sweat glands send their chemicals through
tubes that carry chemicals to specific places in the body or to the skins surface.
Does the endocrine system use ducts?
How do the chemicals released by the endocrine system travel throughout the body?
What do you call the chemicals produced by an endocrine gland?
a chemical messenger produced by an endocrine gland that travels through the bloodstream to a target cell.
Target cell
a specific cell that a specific hormone is looking to attach itself to.
What do hormones do?
They speed up, slow down, turn on, or turn off the activities of organs and tissues.
Thyroid gland
produces hormones such as thyroxine that control energy-related reactions and other functions in cells.
Parathyroind gland
regulates the bloods calcium levels.
Adrenal glands
release adrenaline, which triggers a response to emergencies or excitement. Other hormones from this gland effect salt and water balance in the kidneys and sugar in the blood.
produces the hormones insulin and glucagon, which controls the bloods glucose levels.
links the nervous and endocrine systems and controls the pituitary gland.
Pituitary gland
controls other endocrine glands and regulates processes including growth, blood pressure and water balance.
Thymus gland
helps the immune system develop during childhood
releases the hormone testerone which controls changes in a growing males body and regulates sperm production.
produce female reproductive hormones. Estrogen controls changes in a growing females body. Estrogen and progesterone trigger egg development.
What sends out nerve messages that control sleep, hunger and other basic body functions?
What gland is about the size of a pea?
pituitary gland
What gland produces growth hormones?
pituitary gland
What gland sits on top of the pituitary gland?
What controls hormone levels?
When the amount of a hormone in the blood reaches a certain level, the endocrine system sends signals that stop the release of that hormone.
Negative feedback
when a system is turned off by the condition it produces.