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  1. olfactory 1
  2. Syntactic Complexity
  3. Cognitive therapy for stuttering
  4. Leading cause of neuroligical speech and language disorders in adults
  5. 2 language acquisition views
  1. a focuses on changing faulty beliefs about self-control and the perceived benefits of stuttering
  2. b CVA
  3. c Behaviorist Interpretation & Nativist Interpretation
  4. d is determined by the number of transformational rules that are applied to a given sentence
  5. e smell

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  1. agreement of personal pronouns with their antecedents in gender and number
  2. individuals diagnosed with having hemifacial microsomia are also most likely to have this
  3. symptoms include-articulation characterised by groping, inconsistency, and errors of sound and syllable sequencing
  4. Eustachian tube dysfunction
  5. are used to link sentences together in a clear and logical manner. synonyms,transition words, enumeration

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  1. Chewing Techniqueis used to reduce muscular tension in the laryngeal area


  2. Athetosis-Cerebal Palsyit is composed largely of aperiodic sounds


  3. Syntaxstudy the rules governing the combination of words to form sentences


  4. A single exposure to several hours to continous music with overall level of 100 db SPL will cause whatSingle-subject design


  5. a correct response rate of 51 percent on a 2 choice picture pointing task would most likely indicate ...responds to both the content and the affect of a clients remarks