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  1. linguistic approach
  2. Hyperadduction of the vocal fold tx
  3. Linguistic Prosody
  4. oculomotor 3
  5. word finding difficulties related to aphasia
  1. a contrast alveoloar stops with velar stops in meaningful word pairs
  2. b tx to remediate these difficulties is appropriate
  3. c have the client use light and gentle vocal fold contacts will help reduce tension and be effective
  4. d refers to intonation and vocal stress in speech
  5. e eyelid and eyeball movement

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  1. used when a behavior has already been acquired, a random ratio of tokens to correct responses creates an intermittent reinforcement schedule and is the most effective
  2. is used to reduce muscular tension in the laryngeal area
  3. hearing equillibrium sensation
  4. slow, arrhythmic, writhing and involuntary movements of the extremities
  5. using a pronoun or similar word instead of repeating a word used earlier

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  1. Friedreichs ataxiais an inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system resulting in symptoms ranging from gait disturbance and speech problems to heart disease


  2. Dysarthriais a symptom of coordination problems-clumsy or awkward movements and unsteadiness and occurs in many different diseases and condtions.


  3. aphonialoss of voice, inability to speak


  4. Glottal Fryis an indicator of possible contact ulcers


  5. spinal accessory 11controls trapezius & sternocleidomastoid/controlls swallowing movements