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  1. Medialization Thyroplasty
  2. emotional prosody
  3. linguistic approach
  4. aphonia
  5. 7 Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscles
  1. a surgical procedure which moves the paralyzed vocal fold closer to the mid glottis to allow better compensation by the unaffected fold
  2. b is the expression of feelings using prosodic elements of speech. Charles Darwin
  3. c Cricothyroid, Cricoarytenoid(lateral), Cricoarytenoid(posterior), Arytenoid, Thyroarytenoid,Aryepiglottis, Thyroepiglottis
  4. d contrast alveoloar stops with velar stops in meaningful word pairs
  5. e loss of voice, inability to speak

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  1. need to produce hard glottal attack
  2. refer to the instance of phonemes in the actual utterances-physical segment
  3. using chronological age would make the childs language disorders seem more pronounced(overidentify)
  4. generally is the most efficient and effective instrumentation for viewing the vocal folds during phonation
  5. are depressions that lie lateral to the median epiglottal folds

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  1. Independent Variablemanipulated or selected by the researcher to determine its effect on the dependent variable(ex. manipulating vocal loudness to see its effect on prosodic Fo and durational variables)


  2. Friedreichs ataxiais most frequently associated with significant dysphagia


  3. Linguistic Prosodyis the expression of feelings using prosodic elements of speech. Charles Darwin


  4. Right brain functionsuses feeling, "big picture"oriented, imagination rules,symbols and images, present and future, philosophy and religion, can "get it" believes, appreciates, spatial perception, knows objects function, fantasy based, presents possibilities, impetuous, risk taking


  5. Structured play to address short term goalsToddlers and preschoolers respond better to games and play activities than structured exercises so use....


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