Americas from 1500 Timeline Test


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Specifically, where did Columbus land after his first voyage across the Atlantic?
Haiti and Dominican Republic
It is the largest network of trade, communication, migration, the spread of diseases, and transfer of the plants and animals in human history...
Columbian Exchange
These societies were distinguished because they had sturdy houses, considerable economic specialization, ranked societies that included slavery, chiefdoms, and extensive storage of food. Identify one.
What was the Great Dying?
the demographic collapse of Native Americans due to the long isolation from the Afro-Eurasian world, and the lack of most domesticated animals and the absence of acquired immunities to Olde World diseases
What two civilizations were defeated by Conquistadors?
Inca and Aztec
In what decade did the high point of the Atlantic slave trade occur?
Why was the American Revolution a conservative movement?
it was an effort to preserve the existing liberties in the colonies rather than to create new ones
What was the only politically successful slave revolt in human history?
Haitian Revolution
During what years did independence revolutions occur in Latin America?
In what year/decade was the Seneca Falls conference?
What was the Seneca Falls conference about?
Women's rights; they drafted a statement saying "all men and women are created equal"; major concerns include access to schools, universities, and the professions
Beginning in what decade did the gap between rich and poor widen to the point that labor protests occurred?
When was the Mexican Revolution and when did they establish a new constitution?
In what year did WWI begin?
What was the social impact of the casualties from WWI?
promoted social mobility; young middle-class women began to flout convention and express a more open sexuality; a new consumerism appeared; radio and the movies became vehicles of popular culture, transmitting American jazz to Europe and promoting Hollywood films abroad
In what year did the stock market crash leading to the Great Depression?
What was the name of Franklin Roosevelt's plan to restore the American economy from the Great Depression?
New Deal
What event sparked the American war with the Japanese (WWII) in the Pacific?
Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941
What event ended the American war with the Japanese (WWII) in the Pacific?
American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945
Identify one of the institutions that emerged from the Bretton Woods conference.
World Bank and International Monetary Fund
What was the Marshall plan?
Plan to assert US's power by giving Europe $12 billion after WWII for reconstruction of its society; required European recipients to cooperate with another, assured political and military security against renewed German aggression and Soviet Union
What is NATO and what do the letters stand for?
to ensure political and military alliance, committed the US and its nuclear arsenal to the defense of Europe against the Soviet Union --> Europe was able to revive economically under the US's watch
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Who were the main participants in the Cold War?
What really was revolutionary about the American Revolution?
Democratic society that emerged
What was the labor system that often emerged after the emancipation of slaves in the Americas?