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Biology Applied


What is the process that is acheived through the production of sex cells ?

Sperm and Eggs

Sex cells or gametes that are produced

Testes and ovaries

Sex cells are produced in special organs in males and females called .......


How many chromosomes do sex cells have in humans ?


How many chromosomes do body cells have in humans ?

Homologous Chromosomes

During Metaphase in Meiosis, similar chromosomes line up on the equator. These are called .......


When Homologous chromosomes overlap during Metaphase I this "Double XX" formation is called a .........


In Meiosis how many genetically different cells are formed ?


During Metaphase when "like" chromosomes exchange pieces of DNA this is called .........


This process occurs in human sex cells


This process results in 2 genetically identical cells


This process occurs in somatic ( body ) cells


This process results in 4 genetically unique cells

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