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Flash cards related to the novel, read in class.


being very unhappy or distressed

Henry Clerval

Victor Frankenstein's dearest friend

"Make me a companion."

The Creature's demand of Victor


the act of hurting someone because you think that person has hurt you


the country where Victor travels to build a mate for the Creature

The Last Man

Another book written by Mary Shelley


Another book written by Mary Shelley

charnel house

the place where bodies and/or human bones were kept

The Natural Sciences

Victor Frankenstein's areas of study while at university


an uncontrolled fit in which the muscles tighten up and relax

Geneva, Switzerland

place where Victor Frankenstein was born


another name for the Creature

horror and disgust

Victor's reaction to the Creature when it first opens its eyes


Titles that usually comes from a book's main character; Frankenstein


Title that is based on location; Our Town


Title that is based on action that occurs within the story; "To Build A Fire"


Title that is based on Theme, or Lesson the work teaches; The Modern Prometheus


having an abnormal shape


Frankenstein family's housekeeper, who is blamed for the death of Victor's youngest brother, William

They shoot him

While wandering in the woods, the Creature saves a young girl from drowning. How does the family reward him?


describes the parts of the human body and how they fit/go/work together.


reference to Victor, the novel's main character

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mary Shelley's husband


Percy Bysshe Shelley's occupation


the cause of Percy Bysshe Shelley's death


Victor's sister, love, and wife

Robert Walton

Narrator of this story - he is telling it via a letter to his sister

"Mrs. Saville"

Robert Walton's sister

Arctic Ocean

place where the story begins and ends

an ice raft

this carried the Creature away at the end of the story

The Creature (to Robert Walton)

"He is dead who created me. When I am dead, both of us will be forgotten."

The Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein's sub-title

William (to the Creature)

"Monster! Ugly monster! Let me go! My name is Frankenstein! My father will kill you!"

The Old Man (to the Creature)

"I believe you have a strange story to tell. Let me hear it, and perhaps I can help you."

Victor (to Robert Walton)

"The beauty of my dream disappeared the second my creature came to life."


very ugly; shocking to see


a room or building where experiments or tests in science are done

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