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Texas Faces Foreign Challenges

US, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, and Belgium
first countries to recognize Texas' independance
President Lamar's method of influencing Mexico
taking control of Santa Fe region
Santa Fe and Mier expeditions commonality
Mexico captured Texans
Independant country
Method of keeping peace with Mexico
most critical issue to Anson Jones' presidency
Texan's answer to economy issues
foreign relations
dealings with other countries
Alcee Louis La Branche
US minister to Texas appointed by Andrew Jackson
Hugh McCleod
head of the Santa Fe expedition
Santa Fe Expedition
Texas soldiers sought to control Santa Fe but had to split up and were captured by Mexico.
Rafael Vasquez
Mexican general who led 700 soldiers into Texas to raid San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria
Angelina Eberly
head of Austin residents who fired on those moving archives
Archives War
moments when Austin residents fired upon those moving state archives in order to keep the capital in Austin
Adrian Woll
led 1400 Mexican soldiers to capture San Antonio
Alexander Somervell
head of 750 soldiers ordered by President Sam Houston to recapture prisoners taken by Mexican general Woll
Anson Jones
president after Sam Houston