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  1. judging
  2. cancelling
  3. heir
  4. knit
  5. liability
  1. a successor; a person who inherits some title or office
  2. b evaluating; forming a critical opinion
  3. c postponing indefinitely
  4. d the state of being obliged and responsible
  5. e tie or link together

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  1. a daughter of your brother or sister
  2. a long, fixed look
  3. false to; be dishonest with
  4. suitable; meeting conditions
  5. incomplete agreement

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  1. perceiveto become aware of through the sense


  2. temporarilyfor a limited time only


  3. inconvenienceda daughter of your brother or sister


  4. representativesspokespeople or advocates


  5. ordinarilynormally; under normal conditions