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a town on the San Jucinto River in Texas, later renamed Houston


site of the signing of the treaty ending the fighting between Texas and Mexico


the first capital city of the Texas Republic


a port city in Texas located near the Gulf of Mexico


the capital city of Texas

General Urrea

Mexican general who defeated Fannin at Goliad

Erastus "Deaf" Smith

Scout for Sam Houston during the Texas Revolution

Hendrik Arnold

free African-American scout who fought in the Texas Revolution

Mirabeau B. Lamar

President of the Republic of Texas from 1838-1841


a person who gathers clues about an enemy for a location


a memorial


formal agreement between two countries


a type of government in which people choose leaders to represent them


the law making body of a nation or republic


money paid to the government in exchange for services


money owed to others

San Jacinto Monument

reminder of the Texans vicotry in the last battle of the Texas Revolution

Treaty of Velasco

Santa Anna agreed to end fighting

Runaway Scrape

people in Texas fled eastward toward the United States

Battle of San Jacinto

Battle in which Texas defeated Mexico; 630 Mexicans died

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