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wind is the -- agent of erosion
wind can be a powerful force of erosion where there are few -- to -------. For example, few (first answer) grow in deserts so wind can -- move the grains of dry sand
plants, hold the soil in place, easily
Wind causes erosion by -- and --
deflation, abrasion
The main way that wind causes erosion is by --
the process by which wind removes surface material
the -- the wind, the -- the particles it can pick up
stronger, larger
Fine (-- and --) particles are -- -- -- --
clay, silt, carried through the air
medium sized particles (--) -- or --
sand, skip, bounce
large particles (--) -- or --
gravel, slide, roll
Deflation does not usually have a -- effect on land. However, in parts of the great plains the the 1930s, deflation caused the loss of about -- meter(s) of --soil in just a few years which was called the -- --
great, 1, top, dust bowl
Deflation can sometimes create an area of rock fragments called -- --
desert pavement
Desert pavement forms when wind blows away the -- sediment leaving behind -- materials that are to -- to be moved,
small, rocky, heavy
where there is already a slight deppresion in the ground, deflation can produce a bowl shaped hollow called a -- --
blow out
-- by wind carried sand can -- rock but it causes -- erosion
abrasion, polish, little
At one time, geologists thought that the sediment carried by wind cut the -- -- seen in deserts. Now, evidence shows that most -- landforms are the result of -- and -- erosion
stone shapes, desert, weathering, water
The sediment picked up by wind eventually -- to the --. this happens when the wind -- -- or some -- such as a boulder or clump of grass, -- the windblown sediment
fall, ground, slows down, obstacles, traps
wind erosion and deposition may form -- -- and -- --
sand dunes, loess deposits
When the -- strikes an obstacle, the result is usually a - ---
wind, sand dune
sand dune-
a deposit of wind blown sand
Sand dunes come in many different -- and --.
shapes ,sizes
Sand dunes move over time from one -- of the dune to the other
the -- of plants can help the anchor the dune in -- --
roots,one place
a wind formed deposit made of fine particles of clay and silt
loess helps to form -- soil. areas with thick loess deposits are -- farmlands
fertile, valuable