Q4_2e Unit 8 Listening 2


Terms in this set (...)

ambition (n.)
a strong desire to achieve a goal
burnout (n.)
a state of being very tired or sick because you have worked too hard
escalate (v.)
to become or make something greater, worse, or more serious
former (adj.)
of an earlier time
fundamental (adj.)
important or basic
journalist (n.)
a person whose career is to collect information and write news stories
obsession (n.)
the state of being able to only think of one thing
reasonable (adj.)
fair, practical, or sensible
regret (v.)
to feel sorry or sad about something; to wish that you had not done something
spectator (n.)
a person who watches a sport
ultimately (adv.)
in the end
vulnerable (adj.)
easy to hurt; open to danger