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36 terms

avoir, être, regular er - including ger (FR201)

je suis
I am
tu es
you are (singular)
il est
he is
elle est
she is
on est
one is
nous sommes
we are
vous êtes
you are (plural)
ils sont
they are (masculine)
elles sont
they are (feminine)
I have
tu as
you have (singular)
il a
he has
elle a
she has
on a
one has
nous avons
we have
vous avez
you have (plural)
ils ont
they have (masculine)
elles ont
they have (feminine)
I like
tu aimes
you like (singular)
il aime
he likes
elle aime
she likes
on aime
one likes
nous aimons
we like
vous aimez
you like (plural)
ils aiment
they like (masculine)
elles aiment
they like (feminine)
je mange
I eat
tu manges
you eat (singular)
il mange
he eats
elle mange
she eats
on mange
one eats
nous mangeons
we eat
vous mangez
you eat (plural)
ils mangent
they eat (masculine)
elles mangent
they eat (feminine)