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The rest of the first half of the chapter 6 vocabulary. There are a LOT of words. Also, this time I have included the article (the word THE), since some of them are more challenging for knowing whether they are masculine or feminine.

me encanta el jugo

I really like juice


to ask for, to order


to prefer


to prepare


to try, to taste

¿Qué tal están las papas?

How are the potatoes?


to serve


to want, to wish for, to desire


to be able to, can

el postre

the dessert


I would like


to drink, to take


to bring

estoy de acuerdo

I agree

¿Algo más?

Anything else?

usted prueba

you (formal) try/taste

yo traigo

I bring

yo pido

I ask for

yo prefiero

I prefer

él sirve

he serves

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