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BJU World Studies Chapter 15


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King Leopold
Belgian Congo
John Africanus Horton
disproved the claims that the black man was racially inferior
Henry Stanley
reporter who found Livingstone in Africa
Sir Richard Burton
explored the source of the Nile River
Joseph Jenkins Roberts
president of Liberia who practiced diplomacy
Samuel Ajayi Crowther
first African bishop in the Anglican Church
wrote a letter to Germany that rejected colonization
Samori Ture
African general of the Wassoulou Empire
African language into which the Bible was translated
imperialist king of Belgium
Robert Moffat
preached the gospel in South Africa for 53 years
Victoria Falls
David Livingstone followed the Zambezi River and discovered the falls that the Africans called "the Smoke that Thunders," and the Europeans called __________ __________.
Nile River
Sir Richard Burton searched for the elusive source of the __________ __________.
The Europeans built a modern __________ in Africa by laying railroad track, building miles of roads, and stringing wire for telegraph and telephone communication.
The Europeans used the __________ gun, a rapid-firing gun, to attack the Africans.
Berlin Conference
The European powers carved up the continent of Africa with no regard to the wishes of Africans at the __________ __________.
European country that attacked Samori Ture's empire in West Africa
Leopold was the imperialist king of this country
Belgian Congo
Name of the territory along the Congo River in the interior of Africa
Phase One
Convincing African rulers to sign treaties with European states was part of this phase of colonialism.
The African country France first invaded to begin developing a colonial empire
country that transported over three million slaves to the New World
Early British trade in Africa primarily involved __________.
(North) American colonies
The British expanded their exploration in the 1700s following the loss of their __________.
David Livingstone
What British explorer and missionary discovered the waterfalls that were later named for the queen of Britain?
Zambezi River
Victoria Falls is located on the __________.
ruler of the African country of Ethiopia
The Fante Confederation
promoted self-rule, development of African resources to benefit Africans, and education for males and females
confrontation, alliance, submission
African reactions to European imperialism
dominance & power asserted by one nation over weaker nations
economic, nationalistic, religious, racist
motives for European colonization of Africa
Scramble/Race for Africa
European Conquest of Africa
gathering-based economy
economy that developed in West Africa after slavery ended
positive social consequences of imperialism in Africa
urban development, spread of religion and education, population growth after initially decreasing from contact with disease, hard work & cooperation for promotion
negative social consequences of imperialism in Africa
large gap between urban and rural areas, downgrading the status of African women, European condemnation of everything African, disruption of cultural development of Africa
Phase Two
European countries sign treaties with each other and divide up Africa
Phase Three
European ships and troops arrive off the coast of Africa