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How many delegates signed the constitution?


Which amendments are sometimes referred to as the Civil Rights Amendments?

9 states had to approve it

What had to be done to ratify the Constitution?

William Jackson

Who was not a delegate but signed the Constitution?

Rhode Island

Which state did not attend the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison

Who was considered "Father of the Constitution"?


Which part of the constitution has seven parts?

The house of representatives

Who may introduce all kinds of bills?

The president

Who can veto bills?

Articles of Confederation

What document did the Constitution replace?

2 House legislature

Which compromise is referred to as the Great Compromise?

The majority leader

Who is the president of the senate?

The House of Representatives

WHo hears impeachment charges against a government official?


No person may be tried _____ for the same crime if not found guilty


_______ can be part of a person's trial

life, liberty, property

_______, ________, and ________ can not be taken without due process of law


which amendments deal with jury trials?


which amendment provides an army for defense and the right of people to own guns for protection?


otherwise they may only do so with permission of the owner, which amendment?

money or property that the accused deposits with the court to gain release until the trial

what is bail?

judges from paying excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishment, limited use of death

which 3 things does 8 prohibit?

protects basic or natural rights

9 and 10 protect what?

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