Civil war


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Short Parliament
April - May 1640
Petition of the 12 peers
August 1640
Treaty of Ripon
October 1640
Long parliament opened
November 1640
Pym launches impeachment of Strafford
December 1640
Commons declares conviction fo Prynne, Bastwick and Burton illegal
November 1640
Parliament breakdown machinery of personal rule
- ship money illegal (1640)
- Triennial act (1641)
- Acts abolishing courts of star chamber and high commission.
- firm limits on royal forests according to James' reign
- fines for distraint of knighthood removed
Root and Branch petition
December 1640 (debated in February)
Sir Arthur Haselrig introduces Bill of attainder against Strafford
April 1641
Exposure of the army plot
May 1641
Protestation Oath
May 1641
Act against dissolution of parliament without its own consent
May 1641
Root and branch bill introduced
May 1641
Tonnage and Poundage awarded for 2 months for Scottish unrest
June 1641
Ten Propositions
June 1641
'the incident' in Scotland
October 1641
the Irish rebellion breaks out
October 1641
Grand remonstrance
November 1641
Attempted arrest of the Five Members
January 1642
Militia ordinance becomes law
March 1642
'Hull incident'
April 1642
Commission of Array
March 1642
Parliament passes a resolution to raise a full army under the Earl of Essex
July 1642
Nineteen propositions
June 1642
Charles declares war at Nottingham by raising his standard.
August 1642