AMA Chapter 42/ Basic Microbiology

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normal floranatural bacteriamorphologythe science of structure and form without regard to functionnomenclaturethe naming ofsporesbacteria encapsulated in protein providing protection from antibiotic penetration and white blood cell attackwet mountbacteria that are suspended in a liquid since living organisms will not live long in dry conditions, especially near the heat of the microscope light.Infections form parasites have increased as more people travel and public awareness of the symptoms grows. The most common parasitic infections seen in the laboratory are ______________________________, the causative organism of pinworm infect on, and ___________________________, a parasite that infects the urogenital tracts of men and women.enterobius vermicularis & trichomonas vaginalisTests for parasites are usually performed on body fluids and excretions such as blood, ____________ and __________.urine & fecesLabeling specimes sent for testing with ____________________, __________, and _________ collected is important, as well as noting if the patient has been traveling to a specific place and what diagnosis the provider suspects.patient name, date, & time_____________________________________ should be worn when working with specimens. Assuming all specimens are infectious is an important element of following Standard Precautions for infection control.person protective equipmentThe practice of proper aseptic __________________ several times a day, including after glove removal, is essential and should become a _________________.hand washing & habitWhich of these organisms causes boils?StaphyococcusWhat type/characteristics of bacteria are so resistant that they can live 150,000 years?sporesWhat is septicemia?Blood infectionWhat shape best describes bacilli?RodWhat color does gram-negative bacteria stain?PinkCSF cultures must be tested as what type of specimen?STAT specimenBacteria that remain purple in the staining process are known as what?Gram positiveWhat organism requires CO2?ClostridiumMost fecal specimens being tested for ova or parasitic infestations are stored at what temperature?Between room temperature and body temperatureCandida species present a particular problem in the health care setting, where they can cause serious nosocomial infections. What does nosocomial refer to?Infections caused by hospital and medical procedures