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Second Great Awakening

A movment of christan rivals; encouraged people to do good works to save their souls; the result was that more people became involved in helping others


Belief that people could rise above the material thing in life and should depend on themselves instead of an outside authority.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Book written about the treatment of slaves

Meantally ill

.............People were jailed with those who commited crimes

Dorthea Dix

Main reformer for prison and mental health reform

Horace Mann

first seceratry of education for massachusetts

Thomas Gallaudet

Founded a free school for the deaf in connecticut

Dr. Samuel Granigallte

Founded the perkins institute of massachusetts for the blind

Horace Mann

Lengthened the school year to to 6 months, double teachers sallarys and founded a school for training teachers


Required attendance

Cady, Anthony and Mott

Famous woman in the womans movment

Elizabeth Bladwell

First woman to recieve a medical degree

Seneca Falls Convetion

Wrote the decleration of sentinment

Derlin College

First co educational college


This amdenment gave woman the right to vote


Prohibiton of temperance

Archibald Murphey

very detailed plans of reofrm for nc

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