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Benchmark Review 2

New England Colonies
part of 13 colonies that has a short growing season, trade, shipbuilding, fishing, and rocky soil
Give me Liberty or give me death
Freedom is worth dying for
Unalienable rights
What do all people possess as human beings according to the Declaration of Independence
Middle Passage
The name of the journey that slaves were shipped on from West Africa to the West Indies
Mayflower Compact
The document signed by the Pilgrims in 1620
The colony founded in 1607
The year the Declaration of Independence was signed
This product saved Jamestown.
Southern Colonies
The group of colonies that had the largest number of slaves in the 1700's.
Plantation System
The system the southern colonies had that contributed to the growth of slavery.
Virginia House of Burgesses
The first representative law making body in the English colonies.
George Washington
The leader of the 2nd Continental Congress during the American Revolution
Stamp Act
Name of the Act that placed a tax on printed materials
Person in the colonies who supported the King of England.
Person in the colonies who believed that British were taxing them unfairly.
Tea Act
The act that led a group of colonists to board British ships in Boston Harbor and dump the cargo overboard.
The turning point of the American Revolution.
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of this document.
Appalachian Mountains
The Proclamation of 1763 said the colonies could not settle west of this geographical feature.
Great Britain
The term "Join or Die" meant that the colonies must unite against this country.
Thomas Paine
This person wrote the influential document entitled "Common Sense."
John Hancock
The Patriot signed the Declaration of Independence very big since the King would be able to see it without his glasses.
Independence Day
The holiday we celebrate every year in honor of signing the Declaration of Independence
Atlantic Ocean
The large ocean that borders the 13 colonies.
Southern Colonies
The colonies that relied on plantations and slavery.
New England Colonies
The colonies that had a short growing season, shipbuilding, and rocky soil?
Mayflower Compact
The document that was signed by the Pilgrims to establish a government for settlers at Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Jamestown, Virginia (Date)
Declaration of Independence (Date)
Unalienable Rights
Rights that all people possess as human beings such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
Middle Passage
The journey of slaves from West Africa to the West Indies
New England Colonies
Lowest percentage of Africans in this population.
Plantation System
Contributed to the growth of slavery
George Washington
Leader of the Second Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of this document adopted on July 4th, 1776.
Join or Die
Picture of the snake that is cut to show the colonists that they needed to work together against Britain.
Thomas Paine
Immigrated to North America from England and wrote "Common Sense"