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Objectives, Qual Characteristics

What is Confirmatory Value?
To be relevant, accounting information should assist decision makers in confirming past predictions.
What are the ingredients of Faithful representation?
Completeness, Free from material error, Neutrality.
Enhancing Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information.
Comparability, Verifiability, Timeliness, Understandability.
What is Comparability?
The quality of information that enables users to identify similarities and differences between sets of information.
What is Understandability?
Information is understandable if the user comprehends it with reasonable effort and diligence.
What is Timeliness?
To be relevant, accounting information must be received in time to make a difference to the decision maker.
What does it mean to be free from material error?
Information is free from material error if it is accurate and truthful.
What is Predictive Value?
To be relevant, accounting information should assist financial statement users in making predictions about future events.
Who is the Target Audience of Financial Statements?
Decision makers; mainly potential investors, creditors and regulators.
What is Neutrality?
To be neutral, accounting information must be free of bias.
What are Objectives of Financial Reporting?
To provide information about the entity to current and future users of the financial statements who are making credit and investment decisions.
What is Verifiability?
Information is verifiable if different knowledgeable and independent observers could reach similar conclusions.
What are the Ingredients of Relevance?
Predictive value, Confirmatory value.
What are the Primary Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information?
Relevance, Faithful representation.
What is completeness?
Information is complete if it includes all data necessary to be faithfully representative.