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  1. orior
  2. veho
  3. se recipere
  4. agmen
  5. expeditus
  1. a to return, go back
  2. b oriri ortus sum, to arise, to begin
  3. c vehere vexi vectus, to carry, convey (in passive, to ride)
  4. d -a -um, unhampered, traveling light
  5. e agminis n, line of march, column

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  1. -i, n. town
  2. (prep+acc) around, about
  3. are avi atus, to force out, drag out
  4. latēre latui, to lie in hiding
  5. -a -um, known, well-known

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  1. cadavercadaveris n, corpse, body


  2. alloquororiri ortus sum, to arise, to begin


  3. rixam committereto return, go back


  4. ostendoostendere ostendi ostentus, to show, point out


  5. solaciumlatēre latui, to lie in hiding


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