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  1. Appropriations
  2. Austerity
  3. Armada 1588
  4. Factions
  5. primary elections
  1. a choose candidates for later election
  2. b A group formed to seek some goal within a political party or a government. The term suggests quarrelsome dissent from the course pursued by the party or government majority
  3. c budget cuts
  4. d Spanish Navy
  5. e anything suited for a special purpose, esp. money.

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  1. a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat
  2. to scold
  3. to declare not guilty
  4. extending territories
  5. to bring two parties together like on Sep 12, 2001

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  1. Precedenthaving the ability to keep enemies away


  2. Lame Duck Sessionbetween election and inauguration


  3. Federalismextending territories


  4. deterrenta legal decision serving as a pattern in following cases


  5. Bicameralto bring two parties together like on Sep 12, 2001