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  1. imperialism
  2. Constituency
  3. Diffuse/Diffuser
  4. Bipartisan
  5. Disparity
  1. a who the politician represents
  2. b to bring two parties together like on Sep 12, 2001
  3. c extending territories
  4. d great inequality
  5. e to reduce in strength

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  1. can't be jailed without charge
  2. to give up or renounce (authority, duties, an office, etc.), esp. in a voluntary, public, or formal manner
  3. Shared power between the states and the federal government
  4. having two groups of a law making body
  5. a king or other ruler with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat

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  1. Transienta legal decision serving as a pattern in following cases


  2. Esoterican argument/side only understood by a particular group


  3. FactionsA group formed to seek some goal within a political party or a government. The term suggests quarrelsome dissent from the course pursued by the party or government majority


  4. Extraditionwhen someone accused of a crime is transported to another country


  5. Usurpto declare not guilty