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  1. hiatus
  2. impecunious
  3. harlequin
  4. impale
  5. hegira
  1. a without money; penniless
  2. b to pierce with a sharp stake through the body
  3. c a pause or gap
  4. d a clown
  5. e flight, escape

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  1. dishonorable, shameful
  2. tightly sealed
  3. pursuit of pleasure, especially of the senses
  4. unable to be felt, intangible
  5. likely to happen; threatening

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  1. idolatryexcessive or blind adoration; worship of an object


  2. impedimentlikely to happen; threatening


  3. idiosyncrasyexcessive or blind adoration; worship of an object


  4. imperativeextremely necessary; vitally important


  5. harbingeran omen or sign