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golgi apparatus

These are complex flatted like sacs (like a stack of pancakes)

golgi apparatus

This collects, modifies, packages and distributes proteins.

golgi apparatus

This is highly developed in cells that secrete proteins (pancreatic cells)


___ contain powerful enzymes capable of digesting or destroying all of part of a cell and are abundant in which blood cells


___ are membranous sacs that contain powerful enzymes that detoxify harmful or poisonous substances including alcohol


The ____ vescle gets material out of the cell


THis converts the energy stored in energy rich molecules such as fat and carbohydrates into ATP


We find large numbers of ____ in cells that require energy such as skeletal muscle cells and sperm cells


___ account for over 50% of the organic matter in our bodies

functional, structural

What are the 2 different types of protein? abc order


____ protein is varied with important functions such as rebuilding cells, providing strength to body (collagen) and protection (keratin)


___ protein do things rather than form structures and include antibodies, hormones, transport proteins and enzymes

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