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What do vitamins ADEK all have in common? (think absorption factors), are deficiencies in these common or uncommon overall? What "factors" are usually associated with deficiencies with these?
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Lipids risk cut-offsHDL Men < 40 Women < 50 ** 60 new target for both for health LDL > 131 Triglycerides > 150 (metabolic syndrome), > 200 (CVD risk) TC (total cholesterol) > 200Serum Glucose (mg/dl)DM2 dx criteria: Classic symptoms + "taken whenever" ≥200 OGTT ≥200 Fasting ≥ 126 IGT 110-126What is the HbA1c to use as a 2nd indicator for DM2 dx? What are the diabetic ranges, timeline for lab value? 1% change = 35mg/dl glucoseTime line for lab value= past 2-3 months An HbA1c value of 6.5% is used as a 2nd indicator for DM2 dx 4-7% = good diabetic control 6-8% = fair control >8% = poor controlGlucose = fasting vs. post-prandial (post meal) - expected variances, ranges, role of food on this lab . . . and interpreting this lab . . . (basic concepts, do not try to memorize the pictures, focus more on concept of slide 20 and the concepts on 19)Insulin spikes within the first hour post-prandial for healthy adults and, at a much lesser level, spikes within 1-2 hours for diabetics.Metabolic Syndrome - what are the 5 factors, how many must be met?Must meet 3 OR MORE -Abdominal Obesity -Triglycerides > or equal to 150 mg/dl -HDL in males <40 mg/dl and females <50 mg/dl -BP > or equal to 130/85 -Fasting plasma glucose > or equal to 100 mg/dlBlood pressure- what are the categories? Be able to match criteria with categoriesNormal- less than 120 syst. AND less than 80 diastolic Elevated= 120-129 syst. AND less than 80 diastolic Stage 1 High Blood Pressure= 130-139 syst. OR 80-89 diastolic Stage 2 High Blood Pressure= 140+ syst. OR 90+ diastolic Hypertensive Crisis= 180+ syst. AND/OR 120+ diastolic80+ syst. AND/OR 120+ diastolic80+ syst. AND/OR 120+ diastolicBicarb is associated withacid/base/metabolic/respiratory balanceLactic Acid Dehydrogenase - is associated with damage to what?Tissue damagehsCRP ranges of severity3.1-9.9 mg/dl (HIGH), ≥ 10 mg/dl (VERY HIGH)