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On the telephone:
- being put on hold
- Speaking to a disinterested person
- Choosing a series of options during your call
- Finding the customer service number is continuously engaged
Face-to face:
- unhelpful personnel
- stressed or indifferent staff
-salespeople with poor product knowledge
- too few staff at peak times
Repairs and refunds:
- delays on repairs
-delays in getting money back
- no replacement equipment while repairs are carried out.

What are some of the things that can irritate people when dealing with customer service departments? Which of these things irritate you most?

- welcoming customers
- approaching customers at an appropriate time and initiating a conversation with them if they need it.
- asking questions to establish the customer's needs.
- using product knowledge to select items that match customer needs
- highlighting the product's features and benefits to customers
- offering related products
- thanking customers and inviting them to return

How do you define good customer service? What does good customer service involve?

It's very important to retailers to have customer loyalty. Most competitors offer the same products, so you have to make a difference with great customer service.

Why is it important for companies to pay increasing attention to customer service?

- Show the customer you are listening by checking that you understand.
- Allow the customer to show their emotions if they are upset or angry.
- Say you are sorry that the customer is upset
- admit that the problem was your fault if it was.
- do not end up arguing with the customer
- do not be defensive
- concentrate on the situation, not the personalities.
- tell the customer what you can and cannot do.
- possibly offer some compensation

What are some golden rules of dealing with customer complaints?

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