Biotechnology Chapter 1 BioRad

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Transcriptomicsstudy of RNA patterns / transcriptionMetabolomicsinvestigates metabolismMicrobiomicsinvestigates microbiomes / microorganismsEnzymesBiological tools that cut & reattach DNAspectrophotometerAn instrument that measures the proportions of light of different wavelengths absorbed and transmittedPCR(polymerase chain reaction) multiple copies of a specific segment of DNAMicroarraya grid of DNA segments of known sequence that is used to test and map DNA fragments, antibodies, or proteins.transgenic animalsmade by introducing genes from one species into the genome of another animalNanotechnologythe branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometersPharmacogenomics / Personalized MedicineUse of DNA information to choose medications and make prescribing decisions. or prescribing medications based on race, gender or family history.PharmingManufacturing drugs using animalsGenetically Modified Crops / GM cropsfood crops with pest-resistance, herbicide-resistance, and extra nutritional contents.bioremediatonuse of organisms to convert hazardous waste into a less hazardous form.PhytoremediationA method employed to clean up a hazardous waste site that uses plants to absorb and accumulate toxic materialsDNA profilingA procedure that analyzes DNA fragments to determine whether they come from a specific individual.Biodefenseall the methods used to protect a population from exposure to biological agentsDNA barcodeshort DNA sequences that can be used to tell how species are related.FDAFood and Drug Administration. The agency that is responsible for determining if a food or drug is safe and effective enough to be sold to the public.EPAEnvironmental Protection AgencyUSDAUnited States Department of AgricultureGLPGood Laboratory PracticesGCPGood Clinical PracticeGMPGood Manufacturing Practices (for devices, see Quality stem Regulation).QAQuality AssuranceSOPStandard Operating ProcedureOSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration

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