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if 4.0 g of element B, then 12 g of element A combine ___ g of element B.


in a glass tube attached to a voltage source, electrical current passes from the negative electrode, called the ___, to the other electrode.


the mass of 1 mol of chromium (atomic mass 51.996 amu) is ...

51.996 g.

as the atomic number increases, the number of electrons in a neutral atom...


if each atom of element D has 3 mass units and each atom of element E has 5 mass units, a molecule composed of one atom each of D and E has ...

8 mass units.

the number of atoms in a mole of any pure substance is called ...

Avogadro's constant.

the mass of 2.0 mol of oxygen atoms (atomic mass 160.00 amu) is ...

32 g.

which of the following is not part of Dalton's atomic theory?

the number of protons in an atom is its atomic number.

the number of atoms in 1 mol of carbon is...

6.022 × 10²³.

how many moles of atoms are in 50.15 g of mercury (atomic mass 200.59 amu)?

0.2500 mol

the atomic mass of an element listed in the periodic table is the...

average atomic mass.

the mass of 5.000 mol of cesium (atomic mass 132.9 amu) is ...

664.5 g

because most particles fired at metal foil passes straight through, Rutherford concluded that ...

atoms were mostly empty space.

chlorine has atomic number 17 and mass number 35. it has...

17 protons, 17 electrons, and 18 neutrons.

the mass of a sample containing 3.5 mol of silicon atoms (atomic mass 28.0855 amu) is approximately...

98 g.

in oxides of nitrogen, such as N₂O, NO, NO₂ and N₂O₃, atoms combine in small whole-number ratios. this evidence supports the law of ...

multiple proportions.

to determine the molar mass of an element, one must know the element's ...

average atomic mass.

a prospector finds 39.39 g of pure gold (atomic mass 196.9665 amu). she has ...

1.204 × 10²³ atoms of Au.

if 6.0 g of element K combine with 17 g of element L, how many grams of element K combine with 85 g of element L?

30 g.

the atomic number of oxygen, 8, indicates that there are eight...

protons in the nucleus of an oxygen atom.

the radius of an atom extends to the other edge of the ...

region occupied by the electrons.

according to Dalton's atomic theory, atoms...

of each element are identical size, mass, and other properties.

molar mass...

is the mass in grams of one mole of a substance.
is numerically equal to the average atomic mass of the element.

dalton incorporated the law of conservation of mass into his atomic theory by asserting that ...

atoms are indivisible.

what is the law of conservation of mass?

an atom cannot be destroyed nor created.

determine the mass in grams of 10.0 mol of bromine. the molar mass of bromine is 79.90 g/mol.

10.0 mol Br (_79.904_ gBr) = 7.99 × 10² g Br
(1 mol Br)

explain the significance of Avagadro's constant, 6.022 × 10²³ . what is th relationship between it and the molar mass of oxygen, 16.00 g/mol?

avagadro's constant, 6.022 × 10²³ , is just a # for the atom. we use it all the time to figure out certain problems. the relationship is just the # of atoms it has in oxygen. it is a number of atoms in a mole of any pure substance.

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