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Turning away from the true religion.


A pagan fertility goddess worshiped by Solomon in his later years.


A member of any of the nations outside Israel


One of the many pagan gods worshiped by Solomon in his later years.


One who follows a false religion, worshiping many gods instead of the true God

Queen of Sheba

The queen of a wealthy country to the south. she came to Jerusalem to test Solom's wisdom, which led her to praise the God of Israel, demonstrating the kingdom's role in leading the nations to the True God


the Hebrew name for the underworld


The son of David who inherited his kingdom and God's covenant. He led Israel to its greatest glory, and was famous for his wisdom.


The house of God in Jerusalem, which contained the Ark of the Covenant. When the _____ was dedicated, God's glory overshadowed it just as it had done in the Tabernacle. The _____ became the center of Worship for Israel.

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