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Marco Polo & Zheng He

The ruler of an empire
Magnetic compass
Chinese invention that aided navigation by showing which direction was north
Why did Marco Polo go to China?
To bring back trade goods from China
What is the Silk Road?
A network of land/sea routes for trading
Where does the Silk Road go?
Goes from China to other lands
How did Marco Polo's journey affect people from different lands?
Europeans and Asians wanted to learn about each other
Who is Zheng He?
Zheng He led China's naval fleet to new places.
Why did Zheng He's fleet try to go to lots of new places?
Chinese wanted to expand trade and show their power
When Zheng He went on voyages, did Chinese goods increase or decrease?
To what did China owe its wealth?
Silk - They learned how to make silk from silkworms. Silk was then traded. Many people wanted silk so it was in high demand.
Who was Kublai Kahn?
the wealthy ruler in China who welcomed Marco Polo