Astronomy Chapter 9

Suppose we use a baseball to represent Earth. On this scale, the other terrestrial worlds (Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and Mars) would range in size approximately from that of
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Which of the following does NOT provide evidence that Mars once had abundant liquid water on its surface?the presence of canali, discovered in the late 1800s by Giovanni Schiaparelli and mapped by Percival LowellBased on its surface features, the most important event on Venus in the past billion years or so wasa global "repaving" that erased essentially all the surface features that had existed earlierIn the context of plate tectonics, what is a subduction zone?a place where a seafloor plate is sliding under a continental plateWhich of the following most likely explains why Venus does not have a strong magnetic field?its rotation is too slowVolcanism is more likely on a planet thathas high internal temperaturesSteep-sided stratovolcanoes are made from lava thathas a high viscoscitySpacecraft have landed on all the terrestrial worlds exceptMercuryErosion is the most important geological process on VenusFalseEarth is the only terrestrial planet to have experienced tectonic stresses and volcanic activity.FalseVery high pressures, like those found deep within planetary interiors, can compress rocks so much that they stay solid even when temperatures are high enough to melt them under ordinary conditionsTrue