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Botany - Meiosis Diagram


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prophase I
the nuclear membrane splits apart and chromosomes condense and form homologous pairs
metaphase I
Homologous chromosomes line up along the center of the cell, and spindle fibers attach to each chromosome
anaphase I
Chromosome pairs separate and are pulled toward the opposite ends of the cell, but the sister chromatids stay together.
telophase I
Nuclear membrane forms around each group of duplicated chromosomes, the cytoplasm divides, and two daughter cells form. Sister chromatids remain together.
prophase II
Nuclear membrane breaks apart but the chromosomes are NOT copied again.
metaphase II
the pairs of sister chromatids line up along the middle of the cell in single file.
anaphase II
Sister chromatids of each duplicated chromosome are pulled away from each other and move toward opposite ends of the cells
telophase II
Nuclear membranes form around each set of chromatids, the cytoplasm divides, and 4 haploid cells form.