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  1. sacred
  2. intervene
  3. Devout
  4. enlightened
  1. a adj. Holy; having to do with religion.
  2. b adj. Sincere
  3. c v. to enter in order to help or settle something
  4. d adj. free from ignorance or prejudice

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  1. n. The condition of being needed.
  2. n. The path taken by an object around a heavenly body such as a star, planet, or moon.
  3. adj. Very religious
  4. v. to slope or lean
  5. n. A settlement reached by each side giving up something

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  1. Distraughtadj. Deeply disturbed; very troubled


  2. Abductionv. To carry away by force; to kidnap


  3. Abyssn. The place where one lives; home


  4. inclinev. to be likely to; to have a fondness for


  5. inclinev. to enter in order to help or settle something


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