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  1. Maneuver
  2. Forage
  3. Bountiful
  4. Camouflage
  1. a v. To move or manage in a skillful way
  2. b v. To search for food or supplies
  3. c n. Something used as a cover or disguise
  4. d adj. Plentiful

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  1. v. To recede, fall back, or pull away from
  2. v. To cause to stop depending on a mother's milk for nourishment
  3. v. To cause to become worried or weary
  4. v. To hide or conceal, especially by disguising the appearance of
  5. adj. Marked with different colored patches or blotches

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  1. Weanv. To detach from something one has grown accustomed to


  2. Bountyn. A payment made as a reward, especially one made by the authorities


  3. Insulationv. To cover with a material that keeps electricity, heat, or sound from escaping


  4. Harassadj. One one's guard; watchful; suspicious


  5. Replenishadj. Having slender, graceful lines