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population & Political Chaos

By the late 15th century, Europe was recovering from which of the crises of the late Middle Ages? Great loss of __________ & ________ _____.

The Hundred Years' War

Why did the nobility decline in the Late Middle Ages? ___ ________ _____ ____.


Which of the following can best be identified as civil servants?
A.) bailiffs B.) justices of the peace
C.) corregidores D.) all of the above

mercenary soldiers were recruited

As the infantry and artillery became the backbone of the 15th century armies, __________ _______ ____ ______.


In order to obtain needed revenue, monarchs: a.) taxed the church b.) borrowed money from the rich nobles c.)taxed the nobility d.) both B & C

10% sales tax

What was the "Alcabala" ?

English Empire (&) duchy of Burgundy

The cornerstones of French nation building in the 15th century were: The collapse of the ______ _____ in France & the defeat of the ______ __ ________.


Jacques Coeur was important for his: a.)control of the French army during the Hundred Years' War b.) quiet diplomacy in ridding France of the English c.) expansion of French trade and industry d.)theory of absolute rule by the king


In the late 15th century, taxation, war making, and law enforcement became the preserve of ________.


The defeat of Charles the bold in 1477:
A.) resulted in the dissolution of the Burgundian empire
B.) ended the constant intrigue against the French king
C.) permitted various nobles to control southern France.
D.) both A and B

Ferdinand (&) Isabella

Spain unified when which monarchs married?

The Mesta

An economic regulation organization was?

administration of the Inquisition

Torquemada became famous for his: ____________ __ ___ _________.

fought a civil war

Following the Hundred Years' War, England _______ _ _____ ___.


At the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485: a.)the Tudor dynasty was established b.)Richard III defeated the Lancastrian forces arrayed against him c.) Henry V defeated the French d.) none of the above

The Court of Star Chamber

What enabled the king to act quickly and decisively against his opponents? ____ _______ __ ____ _______.

The Golden Bull

___ ______ ____ resulted in the election of the Holy Roman Emperor by members of the German nobility.

Germany (&) Italy

Which countries were striking exceptions to the steady development of centralized nation-states in the late 15th century.?


The Late Middle Ages were a period of creative _______.

The Cortes

A representative assembly in Spain.


In ________ during the 15th century, the rights of the princes were balanced against the power of the emperor.


The Holy Roman Emperor was chosen by? a.)7 electors from the nobility b.) a representative assembly c.)the pope d.) none of the above

Jacob Burckhardt

One of the great historians of the Renaissance period was _____ ________.

familial political factions in Rome

The Geulfs and Ghibellines were ________ ______ _____ __ ____.


Lorenzo the Magnificent was the leader of ________.


________ were advocates of a liberal arts program of study & Orators and Poets.

humanists (&) literary figures

Petrarch, Dante, & Boccaccio were ________ & _____ _____


One of the most popular classical figure during the Renaissance was _____.


__________ hoped that an Italian ruler would emerge from the Medici family.


A special technique that was developed by artists during the Renaissance was _________.


The father of Renaissance painting and an admirer of St.Francis of Assisi was ________.


A new artistic style which developed after the High Renaissance in the 16th and 17th centuries was ____________.


________ during Renaissance flourished as extravagantly as art and culture.

territorial expansion

For Europe, the late 15th and 16th centuries were a period of unprecedented _________ ________.

Gold, Slaves, and Spices

What times of trade increased tremendously in importance during the Age of Reformation? ____, ____, & _______.

Prince Henry the Navigator

Portuguese exploration of the African coast was inspired and supported by _____ _____ ___ ________.

inflation of prices

The influx of spices and precious metals into Europe caused a gradual ______ __ ____.


The Aztec leader was : a.) Atahualpa b.) Cortes c.)Montezuma d.) Quetzalcoatl


The conqueror of the Incas was:
a.) Diaz b.) Cisneros c.) Cortes d.)none of the above

Agriculture, mining, and shipping

The major components in the colonial economy of Latin America were ___________, ______, & ________.


The right to the labor of a number of Indians for a particular period of time.

religious reforms

The northern Renaissance differed from the Italian Renaissance in that the northern Humanists came from more diverse backgrounds and were more devoted to _________ _______.


The _______ affair involved the suppression of Jewish writings, received the support of the German Humanists in the name of academic freedom, & inspired unity for the German Humanists.

Act of Supremacy

Thomas More was executed for his opposition to Henry VIII's divorce and his repudiation of the ___ __ _________.


Who invented printing with moveable type? a.) Ulrich Zwingli b.) William Grocyn c.) Thomas Linacre d.) None of the above

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