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How many years of OT history do the 17 prophetic books span?
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What are some additional terms for prophets?Man of God SeerHow is the 70 year Babylonian captivity used as a reference point for the prophetic books? What three categories can the prophetic books be split into?Pre-Exilic Exilic Post-exilicWhat are three reasons why the prophets were needed?- they showed that God was actively engaged with His people. - They served to warn, rebuke, guide, and instruct. - They were God's only reliable voice of the time.Through which 2 prophets was God's voice heard during 180 years before Israel is destroyed? What does God show about himself through these two prophets?Elijah and Elisha - Show that he is in full controlWhat do we know about the author and date of the book of Obadiah?-Author: Obadiah, 12 others named this in the OT - Date: 800's, just after the Babylonian ExileWhat are the unique aspects about Obadiah in regard to its literary structure and style? IS Obadiah quoted in the NT? Do other OT books seem to quote or allude to Obadiah?It is the shortest book in the OT - Never quoted in the NT but alluded to by Amos Joel and JeremiahWhat is the purpose of Obadiah?To display God's justice against pride and the taking advantage of Judah in their distressWhy is Edom rebuked in Obadiah (two reasons)?Their pride Their joining in to plunder Jerusalem with the other nationsWho is the real audience of Obadiah?God's people JudahWhat does Obadiah warn Judah about? Did Israel and Judah learn this lesson?warns of pride and exploiting the vulnerable - no they failed to hear thisWhat do we know about the author and date of Joel? why is the dating of the book so difficult?Author: Joel, son of Pethuel Date: any time from 800's to after the exile of Judah in 500's - because there is no reference to specific kings or enemiesWhat is the purpose of Joel?To motivate God's people to repent because God's unstoppable day of wrath and blessing is comingWhat phrase dominates Joel? What will happen on this day? 3 things why is this day unstoppable? what two things can it be compared to?"Day of the Lord" - God will destroy His enemies - Renew the land - Por forth His Spirit Compared to Locust Plague or DroughtWhich is more likely, a literal or symbolic locust plague? Why? What were the big 'three' in Israel's agricultural economy?Literal - Four different kinds of Locusts are mentioned Big 3: Grain, Oil, WineIn Joel 1:12-13 who is the call to repent specifically directed towards? In light of this call to repent, what may this suggest about a role Joel held?- Priests Joel may have been a PriestWhat two 'gears' does the book of Joel skillfully switch between?Apocalyptic and eschatologicalIn light of Joel 2, does God always stay angry with his people? What does God promise to do in Joel 2:25?No, God promised to restore to them what the locust have eaten and the years taken from them.Who in the NT quotes Joel 2:28-32? At what NT event is Joel quoted? Why is this event significant?quoted by Peter at the day of Pentecost - The spirit of God that before would only come on a prophet, judge, or king willow come on all his people.In light of Joel 3:21 what is God going to do to those who have tormented his people?He will judge them