Beginnings - Colonization Vocabulary

20 terms by ngajewski

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interaction between people


money and business; buying and selling of goods and services


having to do with government


having to do with religion, your spiritual beliefs


having to do with education, ideas


having to do with new inventions

witch hunt

find and punish certain people who are accused of something


having to do with land, natural land forms, climate

religious toleration

acceptance of religious differences


a person's point of view

secondary source

interpretation of the past made by people who were no present

document based question (DBQ)

is an essay in which documents are used.

primary source

first-hand account, eye-witnessed and time sensitive


to create a territory under the immediate political control of another country


something that is constant, on-going


to disagree


refusal to accept differences because of their beliefs or background


Material found to be used to prove the truth of something


a state of being treated in a cruel and harmful way


movement of people from one region to another

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