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  1. solar power
  2. geothermal power
  3. fuel
  4. biofuel
  5. chemical energy
  1. a energy stored in foods and fuels
  2. b Gas or liquid fuel made from plant material (biomass).
  3. c uses the natural heat of the earth to generate electricity or heat buildings
  4. d uses the energy of the sun to heat water or generate electricity
  5. e a substance which releases energy when burned

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  1. energy an object has when it is stretched, squashed or twisted
  2. energy an object has when it is lifted up
  3. unit of energy
  4. energy possessed by moving objects
  5. the quantity you change during an experiment

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  1. strain energyanother term for elastic potential energy


  2. dependent variablethe quantity you measure during an experiment


  3. hydroelectric poweruses the kinetic energy in falling water to produce electrical energy


  4. renewablewill run out


  5. wind poweruses the up and down movement of waves to turn a generatr to produce electrical energy