korean vocab chapter 5

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동물animal떡볶이rice cake prepared in spicy hot pepper paste머리hair, head머리(를) 자르다to get a haircut모르다to not know물건thing, object버튼button복잡하다to be crowded, complicated부르다to call, to holler빠르다to be fast~아서 / 어서because [CLAUSAL CONNECTIVE]아프다to be hurt, to be sick얼굴face여러 번several timesWhy~으셨어요 / 셨어요[PAST TENSE HONORIFIC VERB/ADJECTIVE ENDING]자르다to cut, to sever종이paper코리아타운Koreatown타다to get sunburn혹시by any chance, perhaps재미있었겠어요!It must have been fun!오랜만이에요.Long time no see.