Histology Quiz 1

Which Tissue is used to line exocrine glands and their ducts?
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What is not a function of the Integumentary system?synthesis of vitamin CLarge quantities of keratin are found in the epidermal layer called the:Stratum corneumA person is born with a mutation that compromises protein and lipid production in the stratum granulosum. What is the most immediate danger to the person's health?Death of dehydrationThe most common type of skin cancer is:basal cell carcinomaChildren in northern regions experience months of inadequate sunlight exposure on the skin. To prevent possible abnormal bone development, what essential organic nutrient is necessary in the diet?cholecalciferolThe layer of the skin that contains very densely packed bundles of collagen and elastic fibers responsible for the strength of the skin is theReticular dermisA surgical incision parallel to the lines of cleavagecloses and heals with relatively little scarringAccessory structures of the skin includeHair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glandsIf the papilla of a hair follicle is destroyed,the hair matrix will lose its blood supplyWhy do tattoos remain permanent?The ink stays in the dermis and hypodermis and stains both fibers and cells.