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Jose Marti

Cuba's foremost poet and liberator who went through periods of exile in the U.S


Castro proclaimed Cuba a communist country

La Havana

Capital of Cuba


Cuba gained independence from Spain after the Spanish-American War

90 miles

The distance from Cuba to the United States

10 million people

Population of Cuba

Turnabout Map

The maps purpose is to focus attention in new directions toward areas of exploding populations, energies, etc. It is geographically correct, just the perspective changed.


Spain colonizes Cuba


Cuba fights ten year war for independence from Spain


Jose Marti lives in exile in New York organizing the independence movement with leaders such ad Eugenio Maria de Hostos and Dr. Ramon E. Betances


Slavery is abolished in Cuba


The battleship Maine is blown up in a Cuban harbor which lead to the U.S entering the spanish-american war. Puerto Rico becomes a U.S property.


Platt Amendment is passed giving the U.S the right to intervene in Cuba's economic affairs, etc.


Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro takes power from Batista and become a dictator


Afro-Cuban religion/ combination of catholocist and african americans


Any type of God


Father knowledge or divination/bearers of the knowledge and of higher hierarchy

El malecon

The Malecon lies on the north coast line of La Havana, Cuba/ seaside


Believed to of had mystical powers/ god like powers


Santeria Goddess of Femininity

Nuestra Señora del la caridad del cobre

The patroness saint of Cuba/also known as the Virgin of Charity

September 8th, 1492

Columbus meets the Tiano Indians and also discovered tobacco on the island.

October 28th, 1492

Columbus claims Cuba for Spain and enslaves the Tiano Indians

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